About me

Hi. I'm a graphic designer based in Cambridge, MA. Currently, I work part-time at
Brandeis University in the Creative Services department collaborating with the team
on a variety of projects for clients across the university. I've designed posters, reports, programs, infographics, publications, exhibition catalogs, postcards, emails, and social media graphics.

Before professionally switching to graphic design -- I was a processing archivist at two different academic institutions. I loved being an archivist, but I love being a graphic designer even more:  I'm organized, communicative, deliberate, creative, I care about type, and I get great satisfaction from unearthing the perfect imagery for a project.

I'm available for freelance work. You can download my résumé and view my photography on my Flickr page. Contact me at jtanny [@] gmail.com. 

A few random facts about myself:

  1. I was working at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in the registrar's department during the (in)famous Sensations art exhibition in 1999.
  2. Before I was at the Brooklyn Museum, I worked at the Strand Bookstore in Union Square. While working the registers, I had an endearing interaction with Shel Silverstein... And a god-awful interaction with F. Murray Abraham. I don't forgive him.
  3. I have a finely honed pour-over coffee ritual that I look forward to every morning.
  4. While at the Schlesinger Library, I processed the Boston papers of Corita Kent. She is one of my graphic design inspirations/heroes.
  5. I like living in Harvard Square because there are so many visitors from around the globe -- English isn't always the only language you hear walking down the street. Plus there are a lot of places where you can get delicious cocktails.